Ancient Arts Gnome Kit

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Imagined Landscapes is bringing us another one of her amazing gnomes.

This gnome has some colourwork so Ancient Arts has there kit made up in the Lascaux Find base with 25% Manx Loaghtan / 75% Punta Arenas Wool3 skeins of 20 grams.

The Comfort set is special as all profits have been donated to support the Ukranian people by Ancient Arts.

Our gnome’s story….

Gnocchi is pretty pleased to feature in Season 3 of the hit Gnetflix cooking show, “It’s a Chef’s Life.” If you’ve seen the show, you’ll already know that instead of her famous gnocchi recipe inspiring her nickname, it started in childhood because of her nose (gnose?). You’ll also know that she’s very opinionated about the way that spices are sprinkled at the edge of a plate.


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