ChiaoGoo Bamboo Straight Needles


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These 9″ (23 cm) and 13″ (33 cm), patina, single points have precisely tapered, hand-crafted tips and are made of Moso bamboo. The size is permanently laser imprinted on each needle and cap. The patina color is obtained with thermal heat.


Length and Size

9inch 2.25mm, 9 Inch 2.75mm, 9 inch 3.25mm, 9 inch 3.5mm, 9 inch 3.75mm, 9 inch 4.0mm, 9 inch 4.5mm, 9 inch 5.0mm, 9 inch 5.5mm, 13 inch 3.25mm, 13 inch 3.75mm, 13 inch 4.5mm, 13 inch 5.0mm, 13 inch 5.5mm, 13 inch 6.0mm, 13 inch 6.5mm, 13 inch 8.0mm, 13inch 10.0mm


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